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Disciple Making

To be a Disciple Making church means we intentionally develop followers of Christ that, in turn, develop more followers of Christ. This happens though purposeful relationships that help our members grow in their relationship with God as they learn to think, speak, and act like Jesus. We foster these kinds of relationships through a myriad of opportunities like one-on-one mentoring, small group Bible Study, corporate worship, sharing life together and serving together. Our goal is to help people find their place in the Body of Christ so that they might flourish and move from spiritual infancy to spiritual maturity.

Disciple Making is not a quick process. It takes time to develop attributes like compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, and forgiveness. The process is best facilitated when we move at another’s pace while listening to the Holy Spirit for direction and discernment as we develop disciples of Jesus.

Our best example of being a Disciple Maker would be Jesus. Jesus poured hours of time and energy into loving and helping each of the disciples grow in their faith. He taught them, challenged them, prayed for them, and prepared them for the future. Jesus was neither afraid of their questions nor their doubts. He taught them at the pace they needed to be taught and loved them unconditionally in order for them to eventually bear fruit in His name.

Disciple Making is a priority of ours because it was a priority for Jesus. Disciple Making will be the outcome of us keeping the Gospel centered in our lives and loving our neighbors well.

(Matt. 28:19-20; John 17:23; John 14:12; Romans 8; Col. 3:12-16; Heb. 12)

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