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We offer a place within the church for Christians to grow, develop, and be strengthened so they can be shining lights in a struggling world.


Our mission is to enable Christians to thrive personally, spiritually, mentally, and physically by empowering and equipping through health and healing.


Prepare our people to serve with excellence, biblically, and with practical tools in the areas mentioned below.

Spring ONGOING Classes
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To be redschedule - (date coming)

Join Dr. Corey Gilbert for his CLASSIC Workshop on how to DATE and MARRY WELL which he has been leading for over 20 years!


Corey Gilbert - 


Support Group for those that Love their LGBTQIA+ Friends and Family

Tuesdays at 6 pm

Moms, dads, family, and friends of those we love who are struggling, running, and even hurting... this is for you. Join us as we learn, study, hurt, grieve, and seek God's heart on a BIBLICAL view of Gender, Sexuality, and Love. 


Corey Gilbert 


Better Love Date Night - Marriage Enrichment Event

May 3 at 5–9pm

Why not make your relationship everything it's meant to be? It's easier than you think. And did we mention it's fun? We'll give you a personalized Action Plan - customized for the two of you.

Whether you're on the front end of love or you've been together for decades, we'll help you move from bad to better and from good to great!

Ongoing Start

Are you caught in a cycle of unwanted sexual behavior? Feel like you're stuck in a loop with no way out? You're not alone, and there's a path to freedom.

Through Seven Pillars of Freedom, you’ll start to understand your whole story and identify what contributes to your sexual brokenness. You will begin your recovery from unwanted sexual behavior with a trusted group of men on the same journey. Through Seven Pillar’s guided lessons, and a trusted community, you will develop the tools necessary to break free, heal your relationship, and take back your life. Being part of a 7 Pillars group is completely confidential. New groups will start in the new year. 
In the meantime you are welcome to come to our Sexual Integrity 101 class beginning in September, to learn more about why unwanted sexual behavior is so devastating. 


Bob Pelletier -
Louie Kazemier -
Corey Gilbert - 



Begins Feb 5th - Mondays at 6 pm

At GriefShare you’ll receive valuable guidance and tips, leading you to relief, comfort, and peace of mind.


Cor Jim Weil - 


Creating a Restful Home: Practical Parenting for Meeting our Children’s Deepest Needs

Tuesdays at 6 pm - Begins February 6th

Session 1      What is emotion and why does it matter

Session 2      What happens when a child faces separation

Session 3      What is emotional connection & what hinders it?  

Session 4      Strategies for emotional connection    

Session 5      The role of play

Session 6      The beauty of tears

Session 7      Protecting a child’s rest

Session 8      Responding to a child’s behaviors with more connection, not less


Michelle Huffaker

Ongoing start

Betrayal and Beyond - If you have been betrayed by your husband sexually, the effects can be devastating. Whether he has been viewing pornograpghy, or has had an affair, or anything in between, it has hurt you because that is not how God created marriage to be. We would like to invite you to a small group experience designed to help you heal from this betrayal. You will join 4-6 other women who have had the same experience and will be able to process your emotions together in a safe grace-filled place. 

Signing up for this class is completely confidential. 
New groups will be starting in the new year. 
In the meantime you are welcome to come to our Sexual Integrity 101 class, beginning in September, to learn more about why unwanted sexual behavior is so devastating.

The pain and trauma created through sexual betrayal is devastating. The life you thought you had is gone. And now, you are consumed with thoughts and feelings you’ve never experienced before—thoughts and feelings you can’t even describe. 


Lori Kazemier - 

Corey Gilbert - 

Light and Shadow
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  • 101 Ministry Mentorship (children, students, teens, and young adults) 


  • 102 Navigating Sexual Identity


  • 103 Navigating Mental Health


  • 104 Navigating Suicide, Divorce & Family Conflict


  • 105 Navigating Triangulation & Confidentiality


  • 106 Navigating Group Leadership

Coming NEW this Spring

About Dr. Corey Gilbert

Over the last 22 years, I’ve devoted my life to counseling, coaching, & teaching individuals, couples, and families struggling with past abuse especially in the areas of trauma, adultery, struggles with sex, sexuality, and gender identity. As a Licensed Professional Counselor with a PhD in Family Psychology, I’ve seen hundreds of people break free from the limiting beliefs that hold them back. I’ve seen people stop constantly questioning who they are and instead get excited about where they’re going. And most importantly to me, I’ve seen people freed from their past experiences and start enjoying life. I want the same for you.

Today, I am the CEO and Founder of the HealingLives Center, an acclaimed author, and sought-after speaker. Every day I work passionately to support and coach individuals of all walks of life to overcome their pain, understand who they are, and even see the value in their suffering. 


Hear more about the center for Health and Healing from Pastor Mark Hanke and Dr. Corey Gilbert

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