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Using the Church Center App

Use this easy tool online or through your phone for registrations, giving, and more.

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How to Use the App

Log in to Church Center

The Church Center App is like a hub for Salem First Baptist Church. It's where you can give, join groups, and register for events. You can use Church Center on the website or with the Church Center app on Android or iPhone. If you're using the app for the first time, you'll need to enter your information and create a profile. Download the app, then search "Salem, Oregon" as the location and find SFB. You'll see our logo, and you can choose it as your home church.


After you enter your mobile number or email on the login screen, you will receive a verification code, which will expire after two hours and can only be used to log in once.


My Church Center

You can view your profile by selecting your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. In your profile, you'll see My Schedule which includes any events you have signed up for as well as serving in the children's or worship ministry. Activity & involvement is where you can view your giving history under My Giving and your Groups or Registrations.

Registering for Events

Using the Church Center app to register for events is an easy way to get signed up and keep track of your upcoming events.

Provide all of the requested information on the next page. If you're registering for an event that requires payment, enter your payment information and complete the registration. A confirmation email will be sent to your provided email.

To view your registered events, go to your photo or initials in the top right and select My registrations.

Canceling Registrations

Choose the registration you'd like to cancel and scroll to the bottom of the registration confirmation. Click cancel online in the Need help? section.

If you do not have the option to cancel your registration, contact the person listed in the Need help? section to cancel.

Giving Through the App

Select an amount that you wish to give and then select to what fund you are giving (the default fund is General). Then you can choose whether it is a one-time donation or recurring. Finish by selecting or adding a payment method. 

Like all online payments there will be fees involved. You can choose whether or not to cover those fees when you give online. If you give by credit card then those fees are higher the more you give. If you choose to set up a payment with a bank account, those fees are less.


Click an existing payment method to delete it. Add a new payment method by choosing the one you'd like and following the instructions.

If you remove a payment method that was used for a recurring donation, the next recurring donation will fail unless you update your recurring donation with a different saved payment method.


See Donation History

& Receipts

You can access the last time you donated, the credit cards you've saved, and your donation schedule anytime all from one place.

From the Statements tab, you can access your previous tax statements.

The Directory

You have the option to opt-in to the church directory, or select which information is available to other congregation members.


To edit your information and household information, go to Church Center online or within your Church Center app and click your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner, click My Profile, click Edit.

This will allow the church to have the most up-to-date information for your address after a move, a new cell number for little Johnnie, or a new email that was created after you forgot the password to your old one.


You can also access the weekly sermons and Midweek Messages through the app by tapping "more," and then tapping "Sermons."

"Calendar" allows you to see events at the church that are occurring on a weekly basis that don't require sign ups.

Ministries within SFB may use the "Groups" tab to send updates and information.


Church Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Church Center Secure?

Planning Center and Church Center use encryption, coding best practices, data centers, and 3rd party validation to protect personal information within Church Center. Please read their Terms and Privacy for more information.

Church Center hosts both public and private content. Public content includes general announcements, sign-ups, and events. This information is accessible to anyone. Private content pertains to specific SFB groups and is only available to members who have logged in to Church Center.

When setting up your profile, you'll need to give your phone number, email, or both to confirm who you are. SFB uses this info to protect your Church Center account. Logging in helps you receive the messages that matter to you and keeps private information within our church community.


Non-members can use Church Center, but they'll only see public church events, info, and general announcements.

I'm having trouble downloading the app on my phone, what should I do?

You can always use the Church Center on your desktop computer, but to download Church Center on Google Play or Apple AppStore, ensure you know the applicable passwords set on your personal device to grant access for the app to be downloaded.

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