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Midweek Kids meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 8pm (T&T 8:10pm)
Stephanie Thorp (Children’s Ministry Director) 503.364.2285 or
Jamie Brulotte (Awana Director) 503.510.9811 or
Lori Patterson (Cubbies Director) 503.428.8889 or
Nicki Mitchell (Sparks Director)503.320.4154 or
Bonnie Buckner (T&T Director) 503.881.0350 or
Facebook: Click the Facebook icon at the top of the page
Get our updates: text @midweek20 to the number: 81010 (this will be the best way to stay updated on special nights and events)

Cubbies, is for potty-trained 3 & 4 year olds.  Cubbies will receive a vest and patches as they go through their books together each week. Cubbies participate in songs, stories, games, puppet time, small group, crafts, and more! 


Sparks clubbers, kinder through 2nd graders, can learn at their own pace while traveling the “road” to Jesus with Sparkie.  Sparks clubbers receive a tee shirt and backpack and earn sticker jewels throughout the year. Sparks can earn “Sparky Bucks” by memorizing verses, wearing their shirt and bringing their Bible, having their parents sign off on their sections, etc.  Three times a year Sparkies will have the opportunity to spend their Sparky Bucks in the Sparky Store.  Sparks clubbers participate in group game time, worship, story time, verse/section memory and more.  



Truth & Training, grades 3-5, are challenged each week to put into practice what Jesus taught.  T&T clubbers move together through their book at the same pace.  T&T Clubbers will receive a tee shirt and cross body backpack and will earn buttons throughout the year. T&T clubbers can choose to participate in either game time or art/craft time during club each week.  In addition to game or crafts T&T clubbers will also participate in worship, bible lesson, and small group time each club night.

Weather Closures: 

Please check our Facebook page: Midweek Kids at Salem First Baptist Church or our text updates for information on weather related closures. 


We are always looking for volunteers to help make our program run well, contact Jamie or Stephanie if you are interested in  volunteering with Midweek Kids!  All volunteers are background checked and trained to ensure your clubbers safety and security.