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Watch or listen to last week's sermon or find a previous sermon series in the archives. 


September 10-

Pastor Mark preaches from the Book of John in this new Fall series


September 3

Pastor Mark preaches from Matthew chapter 11 verses 1-15

23 Envision-Slide1.jpg

June 11

Join us as we celebrate what God has done this past year and look forward to what He has in the future


April 16

Guest speaker John Mark Yeats, new president of Corban University preaches from Acts 1:7-8

What A Beautiful Name Square.jpg

December 11-25

Pastor Mark shares a series for Christmas that focuses on Christ and the Gospel


September 4

Pastor Jeff preaches on one of Jesus' parables from the Book of Luke 18:1-8

ENVISION - 1.jpg

June 12

Pastor Mark and Pastor Jeff celebrate our history and share our goals for 2023


Feb 13-March 13

Pastor Mark preaches a series on Joshua

I Bring You Gifts Square.jpg

Nov 28-Dec 26

6 week series on Advent from the book of Isaiah

Deep Roots-Title.jpg

August 15-Sept 5

Pastor Mark brings a 4 week series from the Psalms


July 25

Pastor Tyler preaches on Paul's prayer to the church in Ephesians 1

Sermon Audio.jpeg

June 5

Reflections from the Altar


May 16

Pastor Jeff shares a message from Genesis 32:22-31

Questions For God.jpg

Feb 14-Mar 7

Pastor Mark teaches from the Book of Habakkuk

2024 Envision Weekend (Booklets) 5.5x8_edited.jpg

June 16

The staff present a look back on what God did and look forward to what He will do in 2024-2025

Discovering Hope-Maze-SQ.jpg

May 14-August 27

Pastor Mark begins a new series on how God wants you to live and experience the fruit of a happy life.


May 7

Pastor Jeff preaches on how Jesus resisted Satan's attempts of temptation in Matthew 4:1-11

Our Beautiful Messy Life-SQ.jpg

January 8-April 23

Pastor Mark continues the series in 1 Corinthians


December 4

Jim Thorp shares about his ministry through the lens of 2 Timothy 4

Remember the Gospel-SQ.jpg

August 14

Pastor Mark shares from 2 Timothy during our outdoor service


April 24-May 29

Pastor Mark continues the series in the Book of Joshua


Jan 9-Feb 6

Pastor Mark teaches on 5 issues that get us stuck in our relationship with Christ

The Bride vs Godzilla-SQ.jpg

Oct 30-Nov 21

A 4 week series looking at the challenges that face the church today.


August 1-August 8

Pastor Jeff teaches from Ecclesiastes 12 and how if you fear God you will have peace

Living in the Light-Title.jpg

June 19-July 18

Pastor Mark preaches from the book of 2 Thessalonians on the return of Christ


May 30

Pastor Mark shares a message from Philippians 2:19-30

What Matters Most-title only.jpg

Mar 21-May 9

Pastor Mark dives into a series on the book of 1 Corinthians 13: 1-7

Priority One Designs (Presentation) (2100 x 1080 px).jpg

October 29

Gary Peterson from Wycliffe shares on Bible Translation for Priority One Weekend


July 30

Pastor Jeff preaches from John 6:25-35 on how Jesus is the Bread of Life.


April 30

Pastor Jeff Poush teaches from the Book of Leviticus on holiness

RhythmsOfGrace-Slide1 copy.JPG

January 1

Pastor Mark preaches from Lamentations 3:16-26 about the Rhythms of Grace


September11-November 27

Pastor Mark brings us a series from the Book of 1 Corinthians.

Deep Dive-SQ.jpg

June 5-Sept. 4

Pastor Mark takes a Deep Dive into the Book of 1 John

Powderful Easter There Is Hope In Jesus - Title.jpg

Apr 15-17

Good Friday & Easter services

The Lord Is My Banner-Title.jpg

Jan 2

Pastor Jeff preaches from Exodus 17:8-16

The Bride-Series Title.jpg

Sept 12-Oct 17

Pastor Mark takes on a 6 week journey into the Bride of Christ and what it look's like in Jesus' eyes.


August 1

Pastor Jeff preaches from Ecclesiastes 1 and how we should focus on eternal things


June 12

We look ahead to what God has planned and look back at what He has done

Deep Fake-Square.jpg

May 23

Pastor Tyler shares a message from 2 Peter 2


March 14

Pastor Jeff Poush teaches on what it means to be a church for the city


February 7

Guest pastor Al Perkins shares from the book of Matthew

Complete Joy-Title.jpg

January 9

Pastor Jeff brings the message from 1 John 1:1-4 about the joy that Jesus brings

Set Your Course-Square.jpg

Jan 16-Jan 31

Pastor Mark preaches on how to start the year off the right way


Dec 29-Jan 3

Pastor Jeff and Pastor Mark share on how to remember the past and plan for the future

Against the Tide-square.jpg

Sept 12-Nov 29

Pastor Mark preaches in the book of Colossians

Come Close-Title.jpg

Dec 5-Dec 19

Pastor Mark preaches the birth of Jesus in the first 3 chapters of Matthew


September 5

Pastor Tyler shares from the book of Nahum


August 22

Pastor Jeff teaches on how we stand firm in the mighty hand of God from 1 Peter


August 29

Pastor Jeff teaches that to show the world you're a christian, you show them Jesus

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