Our Mission

Bringing people into a life-changing relationship with God and each other


Our Vision

A church for the city that reaches the world for Christ


Our Values

  • Worship– We encourage a lifestyle of heart-felt service and adoration to the character and grace of God.


  • Biblical Teaching– We value the Bible as God’s truth which is to be taught clearly and lived courageously.

  • Prayer – Prayer is the privilege of every child of God and is foundational to fostering a relationship with Christ and fulfilling His vision that we become a house of prayer for all nations.

  • Mission – We value participation in God’s mission to build His kingdom in our community and around the world.

  • Discipleship– We value equipping people to grow in their relationship with God and find their place in the body of Christ.

  • Grace-based community – We value relationships marked by authenticity and integrity lived out in an atmosphere of grace, joy and love.

  • Family Affirming—We support the spiritual nurturing of the family as one of God’s
    dynamic means to perpetuate the Christian faith.


  • Excellence– We believe excellence honors God and inspires people.

  • Generosity – We value generous giving that flows from a grateful heart.

  • Cultural Relevance—We believe the church should be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.

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