As we navigate the coming weeks being the church without the opportunity to meet for official services, we invite you to use the resources provided below to engage in spiritual conversations with

your student(s) and to be the church in your own homes and families.

Thoughts, Discussion points, and Questions:

WEEK 2 | Relax | Psalm 46​

  • Read Psalm 46 again (specifically vs. 10) - God says, “relax.”

    • ​Is God insensitive to say, “relax” in a time like this?

    • “The key to relaxing is all about who is telling you to relax.”

  • What are some of your typical responses when life get's hard?

    • Do these responses focus more on the "What" or the "Who"?​

  • Relaxing is not an emotional response; relaxing is all about WHO you trust. It begins by knowing and trusting God.

    • How can you practice relaxing with God during this time in life?

  • Know God is a refuge.

  • Trusting God as your refuge is the ability to have strength at the end of the day because you know God knows the end of the day.

  • God fights on your behalf.

    • How is God wanting to fight for your relationship with Him during this time?

  • What will you do this week to strengthen your relationship with God and prepare for the end of this virus?

WEEK 1 | The Upside of Fragility | 2 Corinthians 4:1-18

  • Pastor Mark compared the things in our life to a fragile clay pot. At any time, our lives can break and be shattered with very little effort.

    • Life is fragile (similar to a clay pot); we can easily lose things in our life.

    • How would you respond if you lost something valuable and fragile in your life?

    • How do you respond when you lose something valuable and fragile in your life?

    • What does it look like for you to acknowledge fragility in your life?

  • What are your personal feelings on the impact of the coronavirus?

    • How is it impacting you personally?

    • What are your thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc.?

    • Are these feelings the same between students and adults? What are the similarities and differences?

  • Pastor Mark mentioned in his sermon that some people “just like to be mad/angry” and other people are “losing their minds” over everything that is happening?

    • How can you respond to frustration or fear (whether your own or those around you) with an attitude that reflects Christ?

      • Are your thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, and actions reflecting Christ during this time?

  • Pastor Mark said the church’s best days could be ahead, even during this virus.

    • How can you use these days of chaos to shout the message of Christ louder than the chaos and noise of the world?

    • What does God want to do in and through you/us during this time?

      • What role can you and your family play?

WEEK 3 | Tough Love | 1 Corinthians 13:7-8

  • If you were stranded on an island...

    • Who would you want to be with?

    • Top three things you’d want to have?

    • How long could you last before you lost your mind and said, “Send Help?”

  • During this “DETOUR” we need to learn to love each other well. “With love, you will never need anything else. Without love, nothing you have has any value.”

  • Love bears all things...

    • Love bears the storms

    • Love bears the attack

    • Love bears fear and doubt

    • Love bears anger and frustration

    • What storms, burdens, fears, attacks, are people around you experiencing right now? How can you show them love?

  • “Love leans into the chaos when everyone else is running away.”

    • Who do you know who loves like this?

    • How can you love like this? (Start small and then grow from there.)

  • Love protects others

    • Who protects you from what could harm you? (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual harm)

    • “The absent are safe here.”

    • Can people trust you to not talk about them when they aren’t around?

    • Will you be a person who protects those who can’t protect themselves?

  • Love protects by playing to their strengths and defending their weaknesses.

    • What strengths can you identify in your family members and how they are being used?

    • What are your weaknesses that your family needs to protect?

  • Love trusts others

    • When is it hard to trust others (including your family)?

    • Hope is knowing God has everything under control even when it’s difficult to trust He does.

    • What walls have you put up to keep others from getting too close?

  • Love will never give up!

    • When is it easy to give up?

    • God didn’t give up on you; will you choose to not give up on Him and each other during this “detour?”

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