Time for Prayer

You are invited to pray. As a church for the city we are inviting you to prayer walk in the city on April 21st and 28th. God needs to be praised and we think the community needs us to be praying for them during this season. We are inviting all prayer walkers to come downtown, not at a specific time, but to prayer walk our two blocks or more if you so choose. Listed below are a few guidelines we would ask you to follow. In addition we have put together a few suggestions for your time of prayer. Thanks for helping us be a church for the city.

1. Please park in the church parking lot.

2. Keep a six-foot distance from other prayer walkers unless you are family.

3. Feel free to wear masks or gloves.

4. Please do not stop and have conversations with people.

5. Thank you very much for praying for our city and nation.

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