Committee Nominees

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

The following people have been nominated for a position on an SFB committee:

Deacons - Mikal Mitchell, Jeff Benjamin (second term), Dean Hanna (second term), Gordon Kenyon (second term)

Stewardship/Fiscal - Nolan Fridley

GMT - Randy Bartsch, Janelle Coakley

Property - Tim Goffrier, Bob Myers

Deaconess - Dorothy Bowler, Andi Christiansen, Jayme Fridley, Charity Jenkins, Becky Mather, Rhonda Guisinger (second term), Bev Mortimore (second term), Karen Morrison & Marci Johnson

If you have any questions or concerns regarding one of the nominees, contact Gordon Kenyon, Nominating Committee Chairman, in writing.

Ballots will be mailed: Week of June 15th

Ballots due to church office: June 28th

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